wednesday 22 april > 12 pm>6 pm > MAMbo
thurday 23 april > 12 pm>8 pm > MAMbo
friday 24 april > 12 pm>6 pm > MAMbo
saturday 25 april > 12 pm>8 pm > MAMbo
sunday 26 april > 12 pm>8 pm > MAMbo

John Cage/Lejaren Hiller (USA)

HPSCHD 1969>2015
exhibition & sound environment, production Xing/Live Arts Week

HPSCHD 1969>2015, produced by Xing for Live Arts Week 2015 at MAMbo Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna, reinterprets that trailblazing piece: both an homage, and an occasion to update and debate, thanks to the cooperation of forces from both the avant-garde generation peer to the original event, and either the so-called digital natives or Millennial generation. In the Bologna project the core elements of the musical score will be observed according to a few necessary technical updates. A visual rework is definitely worth the effort of a much more flexible interpretation, including a new series of commissions to young post-digital artists, scanning through big data networks in search of  inspiration, finding what, back in 1969, was beyond imagination. In the present moment of transition and ambiguity, HPSCHD 1969>2015 is conceived with the purpose to examine this complicated phase of contemporary visual culture.

After the live performance which will open Live Arts Week, all the visual contributions will be on display as an installation for an entire week. Cage's sound composition will thus provide an unusual backdrop, an acoustic environment to accompany this exhibition of the audio-visual works that have been selected or specially assigned to 20 international artists who represent a specific area of contemporary visual arts that seeks to analyse the representation of the world in the digital sphere as well as the production of new aesthetics.